Is your school's website letting down the brand?

You only get one chance to make a first impression!

Your school is being critically judged by its website. How does your website compare to your competitors? Take a look at your website’s homepage and consider these critical factors:

This exercise is beneficial so you can step back and put yourself in someone else's shoes, normally how a prospective family looking for their child's enrolment will be judging your school's website. All four of the above points are critical to get right. A prospective website viewer will have a mental checklist in their mind of what a school needs to offer their son or daughter before they will consider making contact:

  • Customer experience on website
  • Reputation
  • Values
  • Buildings & facilities
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Wellbeing program
  • Perceived excellence

The list could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture!

In order for a website to meaningly contribute and grow a school's brand there are four pillars of brand influence that should be workshopped so the web designer can holistically appreciate the school's brand and all its nuances. Starting a website design without the 4 pillars of brand influence is like building a house without a foundation. Let's take a look in a little more detail...

School website brand
4 pillars of brand influence
To discuss the four pillars and how we can build a website to grow your school's brand call or email us today.

A modern, brand building website is instrumental in driving a school's marketing and enrolment efforts.

When building a website there are many so many factor to consider, we believe the following all must be achieved:

DNA brand workshop to understand your college’s four pillars of brand influence

Design a website to capture the brand essence uncovered during our DNA workshop to make a memorable experience - Unique brand assets bespoke to your school. Design visual elements and assets to make your brand more recognisable.

Conduct a website content and navigation audit using our DNA navigation hierarchy process and generate a logical
menu structure.

Design an intuitive, user-friendly website that is simple to
navigate with easy to scan text and subheadings

Enhance content with dynamic page content modules
that will bring information to life

Build conversion pathways based on prospective student
& other personas

Clearly communicate USP’s with messaging and recommended
imagery. Tell your story!

Remain in control of your website with modular design to
grow with school’s changing needs

Build website readership with a ‘mobile first’ design making
it an enjoyable, optimised experience for anyone on
mobile phones right up to large desktop screen sizes

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