A low cost and robust
Communication Platform for schools

A cost-effective and robust solution for schools allowing you to design and develop a community communication channel within its framework, provide personalised digital user experience to your audience.

JWAM has been a pioneer in providing innovative digital solutions to Australian schools for over 30 years. The challenge to cater the needs for majority of schools requiring a cost-effective platform to collaborate and communicate with their school community users led us to develop our unique and advanced JWAM Channel.

JWAM Channel is a cost-effective solution for schools to help them design and develop a community communication channel within its framework. It allows you to provide personailse experience to your community audience.

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JWAM Channel is a white-label solution allowing schools to:

  • Ultra-fast deployment allows you to get your new school community communication channel site live in few hours.
  • Perfectly re-branded with your school logo, brand, tagline and colours. All colours are matched to your school brand and can be changed later.
  • Easily customise dashboards and landing page modules for your user type. Choose from different page layouts and templates to custom design every page.
  • Showcase your unique points of differentiation. Give your users a unique digital experience by providing
    information relevant to them.
  • Add unlimited pages.
    Packed with features ready for any school to communicate straightaway with their audiences. Publish the following contents:
    • News
    • Principal’s message
    • Newsletter
    • Bulletin
    • Notices
    • Notifications
    • Announcements
    • Alerts
    • Blogs
    • Wiki
    • Message Boards
    • Knowledge Base
    • Bookmarks
    • Documents and Media
    • Photos and Videos
    • Quicklinks
    • Web Forms
    • Powerful Search with tag and suggestions and others in an optimised format for online leadership.

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